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2017 Mystery Quilt

If you haven’t gotten your fabric yet, you will need:

• 1 Layer Cake (10” square)
• 1 Jelly roll (2-1/2” by width of fabric)
• Borders - 1-3/8 yards
• Backing - 6 yards
• Binding - 5/6 yard
Your finished quilt will measure 77” X 85”


Sew 40 jelly roll strips in groups of 5 strips each. The strips should be
placed randomly side by side to form groups of 5 strips. These strip
sets should measure 10.5” wide. Adjust your seam allowance if needed
so that each is at last 10”. You will have 8 strip sets when done!

Click here for STEP TWO.  Please note that there is a graphic for this step that is shown in the February newsletter.  Click here to go to the Newsletter page.

Click here for STEP THREE.

Click here for STEP FOUR.

Click here for Photo 1 and here for Photo 2 of the finished quilt and layout.