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2017 Mystery Quilt

If you haven’t gotten your fabric yet, you will need:

• 1 Layer Cake (10” square)
• 1 Jelly roll (2-1/2” by width of fabric)
• Borders - 1-3/8 yards
• Backing - 6 yards
• Binding - 5/6 yard
Your finished quilt will measure 77” X 85”


Sew 40 jelly roll strips in groups of 5 strips each. The strips should be
placed randomly side by side to form groups of 5 strips. These strip
sets should measure 10.5” wide. Adjust your seam allowance if needed
so that each is at last 10”. You will have 8 strip sets when done!

Click here for STEP TWO.  Please note that there is a graphic for this step that is shown in the February newsletter.

Click here for STEP THREE.

Click here for STEP FOUR.

Click here for Photo 1 and here for Photo 2 of the finished quilt and layout.