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Quilt Show

2017 Quilt Show Information

(2018 Guild Challenge information available at bottom of this page.)

Click here to open Quilt Show Pre-Registration Form.


Pre-registration Deadline - 12 noon Tuesday, August 15

Quilt Take-in - Tuesday, September 5 Time 9:30 - 11:00 am.

Judge's Trunk Show - Tuesday, September 5 Time 11:00 am.

Quilt Judging - Wednesday, September 6

Quilt Show Reception 2-4pm - Sunday, September 10

Voting at Guild Meeting for Members’ Choice for Guild Challenge - Tuesday, September 19

Quilt Take Down and hang Awards quilts in Prater Hall - Monday, October 16

Quilt Pick-up 9:30-10am (before Guild meeting) - Tuesday October 17

Mountain Makins’ Festival - October 27-29

Quilts Removed from Prater Hall and pick up from 10:00 to 11:00 - Date TBA

Announcing Rose Center Quilters’ Guild
2017 Quilt Show Categories

You may enter up to three quilts PLUS one Challenge quilt. You may enter your three quilts in multiple categories or all in one category. If you have questions about categories, contact Dawn Bugher.


Pieced Bed Quilts, small

Pieced Bed Quilts, medium

Pieced Bed Quilts, large

Appliqued Quilts

Variety, Miscellaneous

Wearables and Accessories

Home Decorations, small

Home Decorations, large

Guild Challenge

First Quilts

Display (not judged)

2018 Rose Center Quilt
Guild Challenge

Our 2018 guild challenge is to make a small quilt representing someone who inspires you. Your quilt can be representative of their work, their words, a portrait, symbolic, or whatever you come up with! The height plus width of the quilt should be no more than 80”. You must include the name of the person your quilt is based on and a short explanation of how your quilt represents them on the “inspiration” line of your registration form or on a separate piece of paper if you need a little more room. These explanations will be printed on cards and posted next to your quilt during the quilt show. (Quilts will be displayed in our quilt show in September.)


Crib size quilt is 36”x54”.

 Lap size quilt is 52-68” W; 52-78” L

King size quilt is 108”x108”.