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Community Service

An important part of our guild's activities is community service.  We make and donate quilts to various area groups every year.  Quilts are donated to area groups, including YES, CEASE, Pregnancy Center, and UT Neonatal Center.

Quilt Show

We sponsor the Rose Center's annual quilt show held from the Sunday after Labor Day through mid-October in the Rose Center.  We invite you to visit the show during the Rose Center's regular hours and view our members' talent and creativity.

Click on the Quilt Show page to view important dates and requirements for the 2017 show.

Quilt Retreat

The 2018 8th Annual Quilt Retreat is scheduled for February 26 - March 2 at Dollywood DreamMore Resort in Pigeon Forge.  Please give Maurie Panzik your reservation by the August meeting, with a check for $75 to hold your spot.

Pillowcase Pattern

Here is the pillowcase pattern from Kathleen Van Orsdel for pediatric cancer patients.

Magic Pillowcase
For one standard pillowcase, you will need three pieces of fabric, plus a small piece of white/natural fabric for a label:
   Main Piece - cut 1 piece 27"xWOF (41-42")
   Border - cut 1 piece 10"xWOF (41-42")
   Accent(Flange) - cut 1 piece 2"x WOF (41-42")
   Label - cut 1 piece 2" x 4"

1.  Lay border piece face up on work surface.
2.  Lay main piece face up on top of the border piece - line up raw edges at top.
3.  Press the accent/flange strip in half lengthwise - right side facing out.  Lay on top of main piece matching raw edges.
4.  Roll the main fabric from the bottom up to keep it out of the way.  Bring the bottom edge of the border piece to the top edge, matching and pinning all raw edges.
5.  Stitch 1/2" seam along the pinned edge.  You now have a tube of fabric.  Turn the tube inside out - and like magic, your pillowcase is almost finished with no raw edges showing.
6. Pin right sides of pillowcase together and insert the label fabric inside the border seam, so it will be on the inside of the pillowcase.  Label fabric does not need to be hemmed, can be raw edge. Finish the side and bottom seams either by serging or with a "French Seam".  A French seam is done by putting the wrong sides together and sewing a 1/4" seam, then turning and putting the right sides together and sewing a 5/8" seam enclosing the raw edges.
FYI - 1 and 1/8 yards of three different (and complementary) fabrics will just perfectly make three pillowcases.

This is the link to view an article from MaryJanesFarm magazine, Dec-Jan 2015 issue, with instructions and photos on making the magic pillowcase.

Please click here for Pages 1 and 2.

Please click here for Pages 3 and 4.

The copy is marked up with my notes on a little different dimensions for cutting, and also where to add the label when sewing for Children's Hospital.